Wednesday, 1 July 2009


We spent yesterday moving all the kit from Ham rd to Hove (thank you Jason for your help) and handed back the keys to our landlord. CFWS is now closed-but CrossFit Hove is now open!
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Last Wod

7pm tuesday night saw our last wod, both in terms of being CFWS as an affiliate and also in terms of our last wod at Ham Rd. We've been there just over a year and have been pretty much full for a while now, and with the move comes a new name and a new waaayy bigger facility. We've enjoyed our time there, and I'd like to thank everybody who supported and believed in us, and look forward to seeing you in Hove.

A couple of people have asked "what about my hoody/t shirt, can I still wear it-yes of course-it's still an item of clothing, it's just a collectors piece as well :)
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Monday, 29 June 2009


Back squat

5 dips
5 sumo deadlift hi pulls
5 wall balls

I'd seen a wod at the Faktory, where Kempie led a client through, if I remember correctly, 10 dips, 10 sumos, 5 rounds. I liked it a lot, as did the client, I tweaked it a little-probably as I'm still obsessed with Karen, (and Kelly too.)
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Most of the time I look at CrossFit Fife workouts I get a little scared, this one we borrowed quite happily,

5 kettlebell snatches per arm-both sides
5 one armed kettlebell swings-both sides
5 burpees
run 400 metres
amrap 20 minutes

This was interesting to watch, there was quite a lot of tactics going on, some of the stronger guys were employing Martone style cross over between movements, some had to put the KB down to change from snatches to swings and then choose to RLH, best we saw was six rounds and 10 snatches.
Fife recommended a 25kg KB for this-still scary!

(forgot to mention-we played with ring holds after-Grahan wants his Muscle up for Christmas-this will be amazing-I think if we video it he'll get a t shirt from HQ)

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Vestan pance

7 deads
20 situps
run 170

More situps? Didn't they do situps yesterday, well, some did and some didn't and the muscle up wod was a "late change" to the programming-the early birds on tuesday knocked out a FGB-all Rx'd I might add, which was nice.
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Tuesday night

5 muscle ups
10 push press
20 sit ups

So youve got a muscle up-yes? Or maybe no, maybe sometimes when the tides are right, so how do we scale this wod?-We need to look at the strength aspects of this wod and split the muscle up into its component parts, it's basically a pullup and a dip (!), HQ recommends that a substitute for the movement-say if you had to do 30 you would in fact do 120 pullups and 120 dips, by using this principle we take our muscle up portion of the wod and split it so we see the substitute of dips and pullups, again if these are an issue, the movements can be assisted further-but with all scaling remember to keep an eye on relative intensity too.
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My apologies for not blogging for the last week-we've had connection problems with Tiscali (great service-not) so it's left me in limbo-I did try to blog with my laptop and my cable broke for my lap-this all sounds a bit dog ate my homework, so anyway:

lift of choice

Funnily enough, mainly deadlifts, although a few played with the push jerk. I'd been thinking about doing this for a while, the last time I went up to Manchester, prior to their Thrusters, sprints wod, I saw a room full of people either deadlifting, hi bar and low bar squatting, cleaning-even benching. Karl and Mark follow a training programme very similar to Brand X so most regular clients will get a couple of lifts in a week-It also helps if you have a lot of kit and a lot of room-solving both those problems this week!

Met con
10 double unders
10 wall ball
10 rounds.
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